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Documents & Maps

In this section you will find several informational resources including online maps, drawings, reports, manuals, and links to County Standard Plans and other government resources.

  • Standard Plans & Specifications
    Find links to County, other governmental and non-governmental Standard Plans & Specifications.
  • Drawings
    The Flood Drawing Index is an online link to an index of the Orange County Flood Control District's Record Drawings. The application allows the user to search for existing record drawings and provides instructions on how to view or purchase copies of the drawings.
  • Maps
    Find detailed Street, Storm Drain and Flood Control Channel Maps of Orange County.
  • Online Manuals
    The Orange County Local Drainage Manual, Orange County Flood Control District Design Manual and Orange County Hydrology Manual provide the computational techniques and criteria that shall be used for estimation of drainage runoff and discharges and the design of drainage systems built for dedication to the Orange County Flood Control District (OCFCD).
  • Reference Materials
    Documents prepared by referenced public organizations (FEMA, USACE, etc.).