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Active Transportation Plan (ATP) 

VIDEO: OCPW "OC on the Move" Active Transportation Plan Virtual Community Workshop (January 26, 2023)

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In 1971 the County of Orange began work on a "Skeletal Bicycle Plan" to address growing interest in commuter and recreational cycling. By the mid-1970's the Board of Supervisors had adopted a robust plan of on-road and off-road bicycle routes entitled the “Master Plan of Countywide Bikeways”. The Board’s adoption of its bicycle master plan afforded the County with the authority to plan, design and construct its many planned bikeways.
The responsibility to maintain the bikeways master plan map was transferred to the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) in 1995 in recognition of its growing role in regional bikeway planning. Since that time, the County has worked with OCTA and its city partners to plan, design and encourage the development of bicycle facilities shown on the County’s Bikeways Plan (of unincorporated lands) and OCTA's Commuter Bikeways Strategic Plan.
In 2016, as part of its recommitment to improve bicycling, the Orange County Board of Supervisors adopted a Bicycle Capital Improvement Program (a bicycle CIP), similar to programs for County road and flood facilities. The Bicycle CIP identifies an array of on-road and off-road projects in each of the five County Supervisorial Districts. It also includes a County funding commitment of $5 million per year for 7 years to complete projects to close gaps and to pursue new projects.

Santa Ana Gardens Bikeway

OC Public Works' Active Transportation Plan (ATP) will establish a vision and a roadmap for implementation of pedestrian and bicyclist facilities within the County’s unincorporated communities and along County-owned flood control channels. To get involved and learn more, please visit

(Development of this plan is funded in part by the FY 2020-21 Caltrans Sustainable Transportation Planning Grant Program.)