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Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Transition Plan

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ADA Transition Plan County of Orange


Orange County Public Works is embarking on an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan in an effort to identify future opportunities in unincorporated Orange County to be in compliance with State and Federal ADA requirements. This plan includes:

  • Driveway Approaches
  • Sidewalks
  • Curb Ramps
  • Pedestrian Push Buttons

The project has been broken into two phases: (1) The ADA Self Evaluation and Assessment and (2) the ADA Transition Plan.

ADA Transition Plan Timeline

Self-Evaluation and Assessment

The ADA Self Evaluation and Assessment, completed in Summer 2022, documented existing inventory, analyzed data for compliance and was input into a GIS geodatabase format. Data was acquired utilizing Ultra-Light Inertial Profiler (ULIP) technology.  The evaluation and assessment of 26 unincorporated County of Orange areas* revealed a total of:

  • 396 Miles of Sidewalk
  • 6,548 Curb Ramps
  • 762 Pedestrian Push Button Locations

ADA Transition Plan

The ADA Transition Plan includes engaging and soliciting feedback with our 26 unincorporated areas* and relevant disability organizations, prioritizing recommended projects and finalizing the final ADA Transition Plan.

ADA Transition Plan County of Orange

Public Feedback

Orange County Public Works has set up an interactive map (see below) to help obtain input online from residents who live and travel in unincorporated areas of Orange County about sidewalks, pedestrian curb ramps, and traffic signal push buttons.

No public events scheduled at this time.

Interactive Map

Add your comments and take our survey using the map below. (Launch full page map with this link.)

Notes and Additional Information

* The unincorporated County of Orange areas in this evaluation and plan include: Anaheim Islands, Andora/Fairhope Island, Carbon Canyon, Costa Mesa Island, Country Club Island, Dale/Augusta Island, Dana Point Harbor,  El Modena Island, Fairlynn Island, Fountain Valley, Katella/Rustic, Ladera Ranch, Las Flores, Lincoln/Glassell Island, Mac/Syracuse, Midway City Islands, Modjeska Canyon, North Tustin, Olive Heights, Orange Park Acres Islands, Rancho Mission Viejo, Rossmoor Island, Santiago Canyon, Santiago Creek Island, Silverado Canyon, and Trabuco Canyon. 

What is the difference between the Active Transportation Plan (ATP) and the Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Transition Plan?

While the ATP was created in order to establish a vision and roadmap for implementation of pedestrian and bicyclist infrastructure within the County’s unincorporated communities and along County-owned flood control channels, the ADA Transition Plan will work to increase compliance with State and Federal ADA regulations, specifically addressing driveway approaches, sidewalks, curb ramps and pedestrian push buttons within unincorporated Orange County areas. Both programs rely on community feedback in order to focus on projects that bring the most value to our residents.