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Yorba Street Drainage & Roadway Improvements

OC Public Works is currently planning improvements along a portion of Yorba Street in unincorporated Santa Ana designed to reduce flooding, reduce the need for frequent roadway maintenance and improve pedestrian safety.  These include (1) road and water drainage improvements and (2) potential sidewalk improvements, as described below.

Project Area

project map

Project Overview

View the presentation here for a detailed overview of the project, including description of improvements, property/project boundaries, road and improvement dimensions, anticipated timeline and more.   Below is a summary of planned improvements:

Road and Drainage Improvements

OC Public Works is planning to implement the following improvements:

  • Replace the existing open ditch and storm drain pipes along  the west side of Yorba Street with new catch basins and concrete catch basin pipes, and connect them to the existing storm drain on Yorba Street;
  • Construct  curb and gutter along the west side of Yorba Street between Santa Clara Avenue and Fairhaven Avenue to convey storm water runoff and provide separation between the road and adjacent properties;
  • Reconstruct/repave Yorba Street between Santa Clara Avenue and Fairhaven Avenue;
  • Reconstruct driveway approaches (on County property) to residents’ properties along the west side of Yorba Street as needed
  • The proposed project would also include constructing (or reconstructing) American Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant curb ramps.

Sidewalk Improvements (tentative)

The County is also planning to construct a concrete sidewalk along the west side of Yorba Street – and we’re asking residents along this proposed sidewalk area to share their input and comments through the survey below about the following proposed improvements:

  • The proposed sidewalk will connect to existing sidewalks and close the gap between Santa Clara Avenue and Fairhaven Avenue.
  • The sidewalk improvements will be considered if supported by a majority of residents along the Yorba Street project area (residents whose properties are directly touching the proposed sidewalk location).
  • All improvements will be constructed within the County’s property (“right of way”).


Residents Survey:  We Want to Hear From You

OC Public Works staff would like to hear from residents along the west side of Yorba Street between Fairhaven Avenue and Santa Clara Avenue about the proposed sidewalk. We are asking those residents to share comments and input that we should consider prior to finalizing a design for these improvements.  How?  Through the following ways:

  1. Complete a brief online survey;
  2. Contact us by calling (714) 667-9759, or sending an e-mail to, or;
  3. Mail your comments through the printed survey received in the mail (postage-paid return envelope included)

Where is the County’s Property Line (“right-of-way” boundary)?

View the boundary line between residents’ properties and the County right-of-way (project boundary).

Project Timeline


Our goal is to improve your community for all residents. We want to work together to develop a project that balances roadway, drainage and sidewalk improvements with your needs in the community. We are currently at an early stage of the project process, with construction anticipated in 2021 – 2022. 

Glossary of Common Project Terms

Glossary of Common Project Terms