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OC Infrastructure Programs provides engineering services for roadways in unincorporated areas and regional flood control programs throughout Orange County. This includes programming, design, legislation tracking, project management, traffic safety, and development support services.

Core Services

Bridge under construction with crane

design_services Design Services

Manages the design of the County’s horizontal infrastructure, roadways, bridges, bikeways, channels, storm drains, dams, pump stations and other drainage related facilities.

water_damage Flood Programs

Coordinates floodplain management services with agencies such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and others on behalf of the Orange County Flood Control District. Oversees local sponsor role in the Santa Ana River Mainstem project.

pie_chart Funding Services

Secures funding to implement the County’s Capital Improvement Plan, including facilities in the Master Plan of Arterial Highways, bridges, flood channels and other roadway improvement projects.

traffic Traffic Safety Services

Implements signal operations and conducts traffic investigations in unincorporated areas of Orange County.

how_to_reg Development Support Review Services

Reviews permits for private use of public roadway or for modification, along with proposed developer infrastructure that will become part of the County system.