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Emergency Information

For life threatening emergencies, call 911!

For more emergency information and sandbag locations click here.

Storm Operations Center

phone (714) 955-0200

The OC Public Works/Storm Operations Center is activated when heavy to extreme rainfall is predicted or occurs and/or when storm run-off conditions are such that there is a probability of flood damage. The OC Public Works/Storm Operations Center will be monitoring the emergency storm situation on a 24-hour basis. Flood control channels will be patrolled and if needed, emergency equipment and personnel will be deployed to reinforce the levees.

If you see alarming conditions in any flood control facility, please call the Storm Operations Center.

Emergency Operations Center

phone  (714) 628-7054
phone  (714) 628-7008 24-Hour Emergency Dispatch

If conditions worsen and progress into Local Emergency conditions, in addition to the Storm Operations Center, the County’s Emergency Operations Center will also be activated. News media will be notified of the Local Emergency declaration. In such case, you can contact both the Storm Operations Center and the Emergency Operations Center.