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Flood Protection Information

Annual Progress Report for Floodplain Management Plan 

The County’s Hazard Mitigation Plan has a floodplain management plan section that includes mitigation action items. The document below summarizes the background and activities of the largest remaining floodplains in Orange County, both previous and present. Activities are basically projects in design, projects under construction, and completed construction projects from the 7-Year Flood Control Capital Improvement Plan, including construction projects completed by others such as cities, other agencies, or developers.

2024 Floodplain Management Plan Progress Report

7-Year Flood Control Capital Improvements Plan

This plan consists of projects as well as other projects within the OCFCD system to address the flood hazards in the remaining two largest floodplains in Orange County. The plan strategically prioritizes projects for budgeting and planning for funding future projects with limited resources. The 7-Year Flood Control Capital Improvement Plan, adopted by the City Engineers Flood Control Advisory Committee (CEFCAC), can be accessed by the following link:

7-Year Flood Control Capital Improvements Plan, Adopted by CEFCAC 


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