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Project Plan

Through the City Engineers Flood Control Advisory Committee (CEFCAC) process, flood control projects are selected and slated into a long range plan. The Orange County Flood Control District (OCFCD) utilizes this plan for the purposes of budgeting and phasing for design and construction, and how and when money and manpower will be spent for anticipated projects.

Projects slated in the first fiscal year are budgeted projects approved by the Board of Supervisors. Projects slated for the years thereafter are not budgeted. Projects are planned and anticipated for completion however projects are subject to change due to a number of factors; changes in priority, shortage of resources, shortage of public support, lengthy right-of-way negotiations and lengthy mitigation negotiations with regulatory agencies. Some projects are ready for the design stage; other projects need more information, hydraulic studies, floodplain studies, land acquisition, regulatory permits, and utility conflicts.