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CEFCAC Procedure

Project Nomination 

Each year the cities are invited to present their needs and priorities to CEFCAC for consideration. County divisions are also invited to nominate projects using the Project Nomination Form. The request should include as much of the following information as is available.

  1. Facility name. Limits of requested project.
  2. Facility number.
  3. City priority.
  4. History of flooding including property damage or potential for property damage. Specific examples and dates are requested.
  5. Description of existing facility including flow capacity. Include ownership and maintenance responsibility for existing facility.
  6. Description of drainage area including land use and size in acres. Include map showing tributary drainage area, project location and description. Also, attach adopted Master Plan of Drainage.
  7. Proposed project description by reach.
  • length
  • design flow rate
  • recommended section
  • number of crossings
  • right-of-way requirements
  • estimate cost

8.   Funding Considerations

  • Offer to participate in joint funding.
  • Developer participation (Section VII, Tentative Tract Conditions of Approval).
  • Redevelopment agency participation. Is project in a redevelopment area?

9. Conformance Report for locally owned facility. Requests for locally-owned projects must include a Conformance Report or they will not be considered for OCFCD funding.

10. Additional information as applicable.

  • Environmental documentation
  • Project report
  • Service agencies
  • Utility relocations
  • Right-of-way information
  • Dates of prior request for this project
  • Construction phasing
  • Project readiness The Project Request Statement should be addressed to: Manager, OC Flood (OC Public Works) P.O. Box 4048 Santa Ana , CA 92702-4048


Project Review and Program Adoption

OC Public Works/OC Flood staff field reviews each nominated project, reviews the project scope, need, funding considerations, and cost and prepares a Project Summary Report for presentation to CEFCAC. Based on this information, the committee prepares a prioritized list of projects for preliminary engineering (project report), right-of-way acquisition, final design and construction. This list, along with the District’s operational requirements, is used to formulate the annual budget request for County Administrative Office review and Board of Supervisors public hearings. The project is finalized upon adoption of the District budget by the Board of Supervisors.


  1. Plans and specifications for OCFCD projects will be prepared by OC Public Works staff or by engineering firms in private practice. Work performed by private engineers will be under the control and direction of the Director of OC Public Works, OC Public Works. Work within city limits requires approval of city council prior to award of contract.
  2. OCFCD projects will, in general, be constructed by private contractors through contracts awarded by OC Public Works on the basis of competitive bidding, CMAR or Design-Build.
  3. Locally-owned projects will, in general, be constructed in cooperation with or by other agencies under agreements with the Orange County Flood Control District or County of Orange.